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Gypsy Canvas



Ferozi and autumn-leaf accents shine bright in this lavish black look, which comprises of a gorgeous blended grip shirt, a divine printed blended tissue dupatta and a matching blended raw silk trouser. Embroidered accents on the shirt and a worked blended satin border add an extra special touch to the whole look.


Product Detail
Unstitched 3-Piece


Embroidered Blended Grip Shirt Front 1 PC
Embroidered Blended Grip Shirt Back 1 PC
Embroidered Blended Grip Shirt Sleeves 1 PC
Embroidered Neck Patti 1 Pc
Embroidered Sleeve Border 1 Pc
Embroidered Hem Border 1 Pc

Color: Black
Fabric: Blended Grip

Dyed Blended Raw Silk Trouser 2.5 m

Color: Black
Fabric: Blended Raw Silk 

Digital Printed Blended Tissue Dupatta 2.5 m

Color: Black & Green
Fabric: Blended Tissue 


Style Note
A band neck shirt with wild sleeves and classic boot cut pants are recommended for this look.


Please be careful when ironing this product. It should only be ironed at low temperature

Gypsy Canvas

Gypsy Canvas