Rilancio Brings Sapphire Accessories


Sapphire is chiefly known for producing and retailing high quality unstitched and stitched fabric products for both men and women. It is lauded among women for the affordability of its trendy Western  tops and skirts in addition to its glorious lawn collection, all available at factory outlet rates during sale season which comes frequently and seldom disappoints. However, if you happen to miss one such bout you need not break a sweat for Sapphire’s licensed distributors- have a sale on the majority of their articles all year round. End of season sales at Rilancio  can go up to as much as 70% off rendering certain products such as kurtas for kids and Footwear  complete no-brainers! In fact, the categories not usually associated with Sapphire are the ones that have, when amalgamated, constituted the highest amount of the overall sales percentage for both volume I and II of the summer 2021 collection and the Eid 2021 collection. If we analyze the categories that form this chunk of sales, we can see that the pack is led by Ladies’ handbags and clutches, closely followed by shoes for both men and women, trousers for men and the rest of the block is populated by skirts, cosmetics, jackets, tops and shirts for men.

Fashionable Sapphire Dress with a black Scarf for an outdoor western Look




Other clothing brands in Pakistan pay nowhere near the amount of attention that Sapphire  pays to categories other than unstitched  and stitched lawn collections. This can clearly be seen with their endeavor in Rilancio which has a sizeable section which airs products that are not deemed conventional to Sapphire. The most popular categories at Rilancio are Footwear  and  Western wear. For men, traditional footwear is the most popular subcategory with classic leather and Peshawari chappals being the biggest hits. The enthusiasts among you will be pleased to hear that Sapphire  and  Rilancio both have a wide range of Kolapuri chappals; an item that is only found in Old Anarkali when it comes to Lahore. Formal shoes are also in demand with a fantastic duo available on Rilancio: Chestnut and Suede Loafers. Formal and sweatshirts  are selling decently as well with the fabric reported to be very comfortable and breathable whilst being surprisingly durable at the same time. Sapphire have recently decided to follow in the footsteps of Khaadi, Alkaram and Gul Ahmed by introducing a succinct yet sumptuous line of sarees with the option of getting them custom made as well.


Pink Tassel Scarf with Culottes’ to Top off the Summer Heat

Sapphire’s  latest collection focused significantly on adding to the growing list of accessories available at their outlets and online. Their printed scarves are gaining a reputation for their charm and chic, with the embroidery said by many to be unparalleled. Their handbags are admittedly highly expensive but their mini and tote bags are expertly assembled and ridiculously affordable. Their cosmetics section has custom-made Sapphire products which are proving competitive alternatives to mainstream brands. With regards to perfumes, the bottles are stunning and the legions of fragrances on the shelves can often prove to be overwhelming. Further browsing on Rilancio  or  Sapphire’s official website will yield you a treasure trove of Home products such as bed covers, bread baskets, table, bath and kitchen linen and all such accompanying necessities.


Sapphire Outdoor Tan Back pack for style and Adventure