Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy policy dictates our discretion to use your personal data for company profiling and marketing campaigns along with company policies with reference to our products, placements, locations, deliverables and rights of admission along with regulations for disputes, debates and articulations.

Personal Information

The company ensures complete privacy with regards to personal information received and adheres to use personalized data i.e. Name, Email, contact number, Address and Credit Card details for marketing campaigns or actual product deliverables.

Information sharing can be made with company affiliates or associated third parties who so require the information for order processing or key variables relevant to orders, marketing or queries, authenticated and monitored through company contractual agreements. Company has the right to share information with its associated entities with application of similar terms of data privacy.

Data Cookies

Data Cookies are used for marketing campaigns and enhancing user interface experience to provide associated content, most relevant to the user purchase queries. Rilancio may use cookies from your devices to pitch relevant products, design campaigns or market new developments so as to enhance user shopping experience. Data Cookies are used only as means of collecting information from operating systems for improved marketing efficiencies.


All products, content, images, logos, videos, designs, newsletters etc. are the property of and authorized to be displayed and sold on the official company website. Any Authorized sale other than company website and social media pages, unless otherwise specified by the company itself, would be illegal and strictly prohibited.